Church Services


Live services are back (see below), however we will continue to run online services for those who cannot attend in person. Please click here to access them.
traditional church (sunday 8am)
The 8 am service is a warm, friendly, old-style service, with classic hymns, the Lord's Supper and a clear bible message.
family church (sunday 10am)
The 10 am service is a less formal meeting with a warm welcome from a mixed age congregation. It features understandable and relevant bible teaching with contemporary music and our Kids' Church children's program and creche that runs concurrently with the meeting.
night church (sunday 6pm)
The 6 pm service is an informal meeting, with relevant bible talks, lively music and lots of energy and young people. A meal will follow this service.
mid-week church (once a month 1015am)
The once a month mid week service is designed for those who for whatever reason, find it difficult to attend Sunday services. The mid week service is traditional in style (with requests for hymns taken in advance) and is a little shorter than a normal Sunday service. It usually kicks off with an informal morning tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't been to church for a while, or you have never been you might be wondering what we do. You may be concerned that you will do the wrong thing or wear the wrong clothes. This is to put your mind at rest. Church has changed over the years - although God hasn't. But our styles of worship have become much more relaxed and informal.

How long does the service last?
We try to start our services on time and they usually last for about an hour to an hour and a half. There is morning tea after each morning service and supper after the evening service. You are free to stay as long as you want to chat, or leave at the end of the service - it's up to you. Generally, you'll find people are pretty friendly.

What about my children?
Gerringong Anglican is a kids friendly church. The family service at 10 am is where we run our children's activities, however, children are welcome at any service. Kids @ Church runs each Sunday morning during our 10 am service. Everyone who will be looking after and teaching your child has undergone child safety training. There is also a crèche at 10 am for babies and younger children. Don't be at all concerned about your children, regardless of their age.

What should I wear?
Gerringong is a beachside village on the South Coast of NSW. It is a popular holiday destination, especially in summer when the population seems to more than double. Most people dress to suit the area. At the 8 am service you will see the occasional jacket and tie on men, but this is a rarity. At 10 am and 7 pm you are more likely to see jeans, or in summer, shorts and thongs. If you are a woman then we're not brave enough to discuss fashion with you, but we would suggest that you wear something casual and comfortable.

I'm not sure if I believe all this stuff.
Our aim at Gerringong Anglican is to introduce you to Jesus. If you just want to try out church, then by all means come along and check us out. If you have honest questions then ask them. Doubts? Express them. That's why we are here. Especially after the service talk to someone over coffee - we won't give you a high pressure sales pitch, just a friendly chat.

What do you do in church?
We sing a few songs - hymns at 8 am, more modern Christian songs and some hymns at 10 am and just modern Christian songs at 7 pm. The service leader prays, sometimes we respond with prayers from a prayer projected onto a screen. We read the Bible and we hear a talk about a passage from the Bible. The talk goes for about 20 minutes and our ministers are very good speakers, so you'll find that the time flies by.

What if I do the wrong thing at the wrong time?
You won't, and if you did then no one would mind. We usually stand up to sing and stay seated for most of the rest of the time. If you are unsure then don't sit in the front row and just do what the people in front of you do. All churches have a few traditions, but ours are very few. Common sense and good manners will see you through without any trouble. But remember, no one else is going to stare at you to see if you know what to do. If you are unsure about anything just ask the person next to you. We do try to make "going to church" as easy as possible.

Which service should I go to?
They're all good, and it's really a matter of preference. The 8 am service is a more traditional style, with classic hymns being the norm, along with set forms of service from a modern prayer book. At 10 am, the feel is more contemporary, and it's designed to work for families, but that doesn't mean older people will feel uncomfortable. 7 pm is designed as a Youth service but ages of regular attendees range from 15 to about 80! We try to cater for all tastes, so try one service and if it doesn't suit, try another.